Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Screenshots And Collectors Editions Have Leaked

If it wasn’t the leakiest game in history before, then it most certainly is now.

Just hours before the official reveal of the game, the boxart, a bunch of great screenshots and special/collector’s editions have all leaked. The leaks look to have come from Amazon (screenshots) and an early reveal event happening at the moment.

The screenshots show a Lara Croft that looks quite different to previous iterations of the game. We also get our first look at combat as well as some of the locations that we can expect to see Lara travelling to.  

By looking at the image, we can tell that there will be a Standard Edition, Croft Edition, Steelbook edition as well as the Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition looks to have a statue, flash light and bottle opener.

It’s also worth mentioning that it looks like the game will have a season pass. The Ultimate Edition suggests that it will get a new adventure every month, so it’s unclear exactly what that means.

We’ll know everything for sure at 11pm tonight, when the game is officially revealed.