War Stories Is Taking Battlefield To Unexplored Areas In Battlefield V

EA and DICE have confirmed that the series’ single-player War Stories mode will be returning in Battlefield V.

Originally introduced in Battlefield 1, War Stories focuses around a handful of different perspectives from soldiers in the war. With the series returning to World War 2, DICE showcased a small snippet of one of the stories that’ll be available in Battlefield V – focusing on a young resistance fighter in Norway during the country’s German occupation.

It’s not much to go off, but bringing back War Stories is a smart move. With the game focussing on the untold stories of the second World War — ranging from the conflict in Northern Africa to the German occupation of Norway mentioned above — we’ll be in for an interesting perspective of the war that hasn’t really been explored in gaming.

“It’s our chance to put the war into perspective — put some feelings in there, make people feel something, and walk away with a different perspective of the war,” DICE Senior Producer, Lars Gustavsson, said.

Battlefield V launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19.