How To Play Mustard Party 2 In The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit

For those who have been playing Dontnod’s Life is Strange follow-up, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the task of cracking the code on Chris’ father’s phone can be a tiresome one. The promise of a game lingering behind a mysterious pin code is all too tantalising and I spent a great deal of time exploring the world for every combination of digits I could find.

Every birth date, anniversary and, unfortunately, even death date I could find. And still, I turned up nothing.

Fortunately, through the power of the Internet and the sleuthing skills of a great many publications, the code has since been uprooted and it is nonsensical. If you were to transpose the word “HawtDawg” into digits, then that’s your pin.

Charles’ phone pin, that he presumably types every damn time he wants to use his cellphone, is 42983294.

Let’s not even worry about how improbable and inconvenient that must be for him and focus on the prize at the end of it all. The game is called Mustard Party 2 and though its name made me think of a certain party game featuring a well-known plumber, the actual game is more of a Flappy Bird clone that sees you, as a hot dog of all things jetpacking precariously over flaming grills to collect mustard packets.

It’s fun enough for a go or two.

If you haven’t picked up The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit yet, it’s a free download and we managed to have enough fun with it to leave us wanting more of the world and characters on display.