PS4 System Software 6.00 Beta Invites Are Being Sent Out

Sony has began sending out PS4 System Software 6.00 beta updates out and it’s available to download right now.

Interestingly enough, the update doesn’t do anything features-wise (at least to the general consumer’s eye). What this suggests is that it could introduce something network related that will be implemented at a later date.

It’s quite odd as obviously, normally with these major updates, we get a bunch of new features that genuinely change the way we play. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t the case with 6.00. It’s just obvious that Sony isn’t ready to reveal it, or simply can’t because of network limitations that would affect all PS4 users.

The email reads:

“At this Beta stage, the 6.00 update does not include any new major consumer-facing features. However we would still value the community’s help in fine-tuning the performance and stability improvements the update brings.”