Future Quantic Dreams Titles Will Launch On All Platforms Simultaneously

In an interview with DualShockers, controversial auteur David Cage discussed plans for Quantic Dream to begin developing for platforms other than the Playstation.

The interview itself is a great read and goes over the plans for the company, their fantastic working relationship with Playstation as well as the decision and thought processes to bring Detroit, Beyond and Heavy Rain to PC.

The most interesting quote, however, is as follows: –

“Quantic Dream is not exclusive to any platform anymore. So yes, unless there are some specific exclusivity deals on a title-by-title basis, all our games will be released on all platforms at launch.”

It’s perhaps assumed that this would be the case following the news that Quantic Dream would no longer be Playstation exclusive, but it’s nice to see the commitment being made regardless.

We’ve yet to learn anything of the next project from Quantic Dream, though work wrapped on Detroit in April last year, so we’re sure they’re working on something.