Three Quantic Dream Games Are Launching As PC Exclusives On The Epic Games Store

Earlier this year, French developer Quantic Dream announced that their titles, previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4, would debut on PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store at some point during 2019.

Today, we have more information on the upcoming release of Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, which are now available for pre-order via the Epic Games Store and are also a part of the Epic Mega Sale. The current prices are listed below and the Epic Mega Sale will last until June 13, 2019.

  • Heavy Rain- USD$19.99 down to USD: $9.99
  • Beyond: Two Souls – USD$19.99 down to USD: $9.99
  • Detroit: Become Human – USD$39.99 down to USD: $29.99

In addition, Epic will be launching free-to-play demos for each of the upcoming titles ahead of their respective full release dates. Heavy Rain’s demo will be available on May 24th with its full release expected on June 24th, Beyond: Two Souls will have a demo available on June 27th before the game’s launch on July 22nd and finally, Detroit: Become Human will have a playable demo in the next couple of months while the full game is slated to release Q4 of this year.

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