The PS5’s Size Compared To The Xbox Series X, PS4 Pro And Xbox One X

Some crafty people have already started comparing the PS5 size in comparison to the Xbox Series X as well as older consoles such as the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Whilst we don’t have official dimensions for the PS5 just yet, people are going off the USB ports as well as the disc drive to put the size into perspective, and surprisingly, it definitely looks taller than the Xbox Series X and quite a lot bigger than both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro (which is to be expected given the cooling needed).

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For comparison, the Xbox Series X comes in at 15 cm (width) x 15 cm (depth) x 30 cm (height). The PS4 Pro comes in at 32.7cm (width), 5.5cm (depth) x 29.5cm (height).

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