The Last Of Us Part II

The Rope Mechanics In Last Of Us Part II Are Something Else

There’s a lot of rope-related puzzles in The Last Of Us Part II. So far, I’ve completed quite a lot of them, but I never thought to play around with the ropes to this extent.

A Twitter user has gone to fairly great lengths to show how much time and effort has been put into something that a lot of gamers probably won’t notice.

The rope/electricity leads react to every part of the environment, getting stuck in window sills, around chairs, knocking things off the desk and then becoming unable to be pulled when Ellie pulls them.

Similarly, winding it back up will pull it back around in the exact same fashion that you threw it.

It’s the little things that help build the world of The Last Of Us Part II and this is just one of those examples that help take the game to the next level.

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