Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion Will Let You Toggle Permadeath For Your Cast Of Characters

One of the big things that came out of the Watch Dogs Legion reveal at E3 last year was the fact that characters that you recruit could face permadeath. It turns out, that’s been changed since. You can now choose between having permadeath for your characters of a 30 minute cooldown time.

Speaking to Lead Producer, Sean Crooks he went into depth about the decision: “That’s a great question. So last year, I think we talked about having permadeath. So you can select a new game, and choose whether you want to enable permadeath or not. So if you enable permadeath, your guys, you will lose them as exactly as you would think. However, in the non permadeath mode, depending on what happens, if they get killed or arrested, they’ll either go to jail or to a hospital, for example, and then the cool downtime is there medical treatment or as they as they run through the legal process in jail.” said Crooks.