Untitled Goose gAme Collector's Edition

The Untitled Goose Game Collector’s Edition And Vinyl Are Absolutely Stunning

Panic and iam8bit have overnight announced the Untitled Goose Game “Lovely Edition” as well as a vinyl for the soundtrack.

The Lovely Edition is available on both Nintendo Switch and PS4. The PS4 version comes in eco-friendly packaging (which should be the standard these days). Both versions come with an actual 24-page plaza catalog, a 11×17″ foldout town map and a No Goose sticker. It’ll set you back about $70 AUD (including shipping) and you can find those HERE. 

The Untitled Goose Game Vinyl Soundtrack is also recycled, which means it includes a random colour Vinyl, with the packaging also being eco-friendly. This will set you back about $42 and you can grab that HERE. 

The Physical Edition is shipping in Q3 of this year whilst the vinyl will release in Q4.Untitled Goose Game PS4