Batman Gotham Knights

The New Batman Game’s Code Has Been Cracked

WB Montreal has been teasing the new Batman game (that’s scheduled for reveal later this week) on Twitter for one last time before the reveal.

The teasers have been coming every day with the first series of codes revealed earlier today, which was then able to be put into this website. Only the first code works so far (we’ll have to wait six hours, 30 hours and 50 hours before the other three to work), revealing part of what appears to be a map, but that hasn’t stopped someone from working out all four codes.

  • Day 1 (8/18): 761
  • Day 2 (8/19): 941
  • Day 3 (8/20): 364
  • Day 4 (8/21): 995

Interestingly enough, inputting all 12 digits into Google brings up the comic in which Batgirl was introduced. It’s rumoured that the game will be called Batman: Gotham Knights and feature Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing as playable characters. What’s even more interesting is the fact that this cover looks almost identical to that of the issue ‘Batman: Gotham Knights’.

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According to the coder that cracked the codes, we will get a Teaser video as well as a trailer before the teaser campaign has ended. Obviously, we’ll know what the game is this Sunday when both Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and the WB Montreal Batman game has been revealed.