GOds and Monsters

Gods And Monsters’ Name Was Apparently Changed Because Of Monster Energy Drinks

Earlier last week we reported that Ubisoft’s brand new fantasy RPG had debuted with a brand new title, Immortals: Fenyx Rising. We even got to play it! Now, some unexpected details have emerged, explaining why the game underwent such a sudden transformation and apparently, we have Monster Energy to blame.

According to Hoeg Law on YouTube, Ubisoft’s original application to trademark the name “Gods and Monsters” was challenged by American beverage giant, Monster Energy. This bizarre suit, Monster Energy submitted that there would be confusion regarding the trademark due to Monster Energy’s relationship with other entities in the video game world, including eSports sponsorships, the Monster Energy Supercross series and of course, their infamous product placement in Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

If you want to know more and learn a thing or two about commercial law along the way, you can watch Hoeg Law’s explanatory video right here:

In Hoeg’s view, Ubisoft could have taken home the W in court but instead of wasting the time and money required for these sorts of legal proceedings, the developer decided to just change the name of the game and focus on a smooth launch instead.

Immortals Fenyx Rising release date is December 3, 2020. Available on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store, Uplay and Stadia. You can check out our early access preview right here!