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The PS5 Is Already Being Sold For Ridiculous Prices After Being Sold Out In Australia

PS5 pre-orders went live yesterday quite unexpectedly, and actually stayed up for a lot longer than I was expecting (but still eventually sold out), and naturally, heading onto eBay this morning, there’s already a heap of PS5 listings.

The listings that are live range anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000, but the most surprising thing is that there’s a lot of listings that actually have bids that range anywhere from $5,000 right up to the $20,000 listing. Given EB Games (and presumably other retailers) are out of stock until 2021 now, I can actually see these scalpers making a bit of money from these, which is definitely the sad part. Given there won’t be any walk-in stock from what we can tell, it’s obviously going to be a hot item this Christmas.

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Looking at the completed listing, there’s a lot of listings that have sold for about $1,300 which seems to be about the sweet spot in terms of what people are willing to pay. There were a couple of $10-$20,000 listings, but those were few and far between.

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For those that were lucky enough to get a pre-order, there’s a heap of accessories and games now available for pre-order, which you can find HERE. 

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