Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost Of Tsushima Will Support 60FPS On PS5 With Better Load Times

Sony released full details of PS5’s backwards compatibility for PS4 games earlier today including a new Game Boost feature that will help PS4 games have better load times, run at more stable frame rates and those with dynamic resolution run at 4K.

Sucker Punch has come out of the gates quick to detail how Ghost of Tsushima will run on the console. In a tweet, Sucker Punch said that Ghost of Tsushima will not only run on PS4 with full save compatibility, but the Game Boost feature will see the game run at up to 60FPS with better loading speeds.

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Perfect timing with the recently revealed Legends update that introduces a bunch of changes and a new multiplayer mode as well the ability to pet dogs.

Whilst you wait for the PS5 to drop, why not enter our Ghost of Tsushima competition right HERE.