PlateStation5 Has Had A Name Change And Looks To Have Sold Out Of Its First Run of PS5 Faceplates

Last week we wrote about the first custom PS5 faceplate company, PlateStation5, who has now rebranded to CustomizeMyPlates for fairly obvious reasons.

As a reminder, the faceplates come in Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic Silver, Indigo Blue and Jungle Camo and cost roughly $55 including delivery to Australia.

It appears as though the first run is sold out and that the company had to refund a number of people due to the huge amount of demand that hit the website in the first few days. There will also be a shipping delay due to production only just starting. You can choose to get a refund if you’d like.

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“Due to this we expect there to be small delays in shipping. We’re still aiming to move forward with production in the next few weeks, but depending on when you ordered you should expect around a 3-week delay. We will of course continue to keep you in the loop and let you know of any updates, and otherwise once your plates are processed and shipped you will receive a notification.” said the company in an email to those who had ordered.