PS5 Rest Mode Seems To Be Causing Some Major Issues

Yesterday I write about the fact that people were having trouble charging their DualSense controller in rest mode, but it seems like the standby mode is causing some other issues.

Multiple reports suggest that coming out of rest mode causes the PS5 system to crash and then needing to repair your hard drive. This appears to be happening with multiple games, and even multiple times in an hour for some users. Some people reported that doing a hard reboot fixed the issue.

We’ve also seen some reports of the PS5 rebuilding its internal database coming out of rest mode, causing the console to stop working, but this is much rarer. One Resetera member went as far as saying that Gamestop told him not to put his PS5 in rest mode (we haven’t seen anything to suggest this is necessary at this stage).

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Personally, the one issue that I’ve had coming out of rest mode (none of the above has happened) is the PS5 no longer outputting HDR which causes a washed out image. A restart of the PS5 has fixed this, and it seems to be happening at random and only in the last week or so.

If you do want to turn off rest mode (there’s no real reason to suggest you need to at this point unless you’re experiencing issues), you can do so in the Power Saving submenu of settings and select ‘Don’t Put In Rest Mode’.