DualSense Controller

People Seem To Be Having Problems Charging The PS5 DualSense Controller In Rest Mode

I’ve seen a few minor problems for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X here and there, but the one that I’ve seen pop up several times on Twitter is ineffective charging of the DualSense controller using the PS5 in rest mode.

Several readers are reporting that using the included cord and in rest mode, the DualSense controller fails to charge past one bar, indicating that power to the controller is being cut off after about 5-10 minutes. This is primarily happening VIA the front port, and most of these readers were able to fix the issue by moving to the back port or by using a USB-C to USB-C cord.

Other readers reported that even on the back port, they were still having trouble charging their controller, returning hours later to a still dead DualSense controller.

If you are having this issue, obviously check that your PS5 is set to supply power to the USB ports in rest mode, and that your cord is plugged in correctly. If you’re having issues with the front port, try the back ones, but all three USB-A ports should work to charge your DualSense controller in rest mode.