PlayStation Plus Collection

PS5 Owners Are Apparently Being Banned For Exploiting The PlayStation Plus Collection Loophole

According to numerous reports, Sony is targeting cheeky PlayStation 5 players who are exploiting a loophole to sell access to the PlayStation Plus Collection to PlayStation 4 players. It seems that the PS5 owners are providing a paid service in which they log in to the user accounts of the PS4 owners on their PS5.

This appears to automatically unlock the PlayStation Plus Collection on the PS4 user’s account, making it available to them via their own PS4 console. Sharing your account details with a stranger is risky business, to begin with, and paying for it is even worse, so we most certainly do not recommend this process to anybody, regardless of the repercussions from Sony.

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According to users that have already had their accounts/consoles banned, the ban is scheduled to last for at least two months, permanently blocking them from all network activity. From what we can tell, so far, it seems as if Sony is automatically targeting consoles that are logging into multiple PSN accounts in a short duration or a single day. It is possible that this is to protect the accounts from fraudulent schemes but it is equally possible that this is also to prevent sharing of the PlayStation Plus Collection which was intended to be exclusive to PlayStation 5 owners.