Battlefield 6 Will Come To PS5/Xbox Series X And PS4/Xbox One/PC

It was thought that Battlefield 6 could be a next-gen exclusive after a blog post last month said that “Battlefield 6 has been designed for next-gen platforms”.

EA quickly confirmed this to be not the case confirming on an earning’s call this morning that the game will release on PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. CEO Andrew Wilson said that the reference to the game being designed for next-gen platforms was around “the nature of gameplay – what we can do with the fidelity of the game, what we can do with the physics, artificial intelligence, and the immersive nature of the game.”.

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The game’s official reveal will be coming in June and in relation to the reveal trailer, Wilson said that he saw the reveal trailer for the first time last week, and that it had an epic scale, all-out warfare and game-changing destruction.

We’ll keep you posted on the reveal of Battlefield 6. It’ll be interesting to see where it takes place given the next EA Play event is taking place in July.