PS5 System Update

The Latest Beta PS5 Update Has A Bunch Of Other New Features And Improvements Too

Sony revealed the latest PS5 beta update which finally includes the ability to update your internal storage space by using an M.2 SSD, but that’s not all the update adds.

The Verge has detailed other changes in the new update including 3D Audio for TV speakers. This uses the DualSense controller to measure the acoustics of a room to apply the 3D audio setting. Previously, you had to be using headphones in order to take advantage of 3D audio.

Sony is also making it a lot easier to differentiate between the PS5 and PS4 version of the game. Different versions will now appear separately on both the home screen and in the library and each game’s title will also include whether it’s a PS4 or PS5 game. This is something that has been sorely needed since the PS5 launched.

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The control center now lets you include personalisation options for rearranging controls. You can also now view and write messages from the control center.

The Friends tab in Game Base is being updated with better management options (this was something I was hoping for). You can quickly see how many friends are online now.

There’s also a trophy tracker that enables you to track up to five trophies per game in the control center, and a few other minor changes such as automatically creating video clip when you compete in challenges in games.