The First Of Far Cry 6’s Villain DLC Expansions Is Out Next Week

Ubisoft has confirmed that the first piece of Season Pass content for Far Cry 6, each of which focuses on one of the prior three games’ iconic villains, is due out very soon on November 16

The DLC, titled Vaas: Insanity, stars arguably the series’ most compelling and recognisable bad guy – Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. Ubisoft says will see players “Unveil the backstory of this iconic villain as you explore unique locations in a twisted version of the Rook Islands to collect keys and escape your own mind in this die and retry gameplay experience.”

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Season Pass owners will need to ensure they’ve updated their game to the recently-released Title Update 2, which also includes all the data needed to access Vaas: Insanity without having to download anything extra on the day. Title Update 2 also brought with it a host of performance improvements, bug features and gameplay tweaks.

Far Cry 6 is currently down to $69 on all platforms on Amazon. 

If you’re yet to play Far Cry 6, read our review to see why it’s a rampant and revolutionary return to form.

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