The Good Guys Is Cancelling Some PlayStation 5 Orders Due To Stock Shortages

The Good Guys were taking orders for a drop of PlayStation 5 consoles as recently as a couple of weeks ago, but it looks like the retailer either oversold or are being supplied less consoles than initially expected as some customers have begun receiving messages letting them know their orders have been cancelled.

The message cites a lack of stock availability from Sony as the reason for the cancellation, and reads as below:

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“An update from The Good Guys on PS5. We have had to cancel your recent store order as stock is not available from Sony. We sincerely apologise. You will receive and refund that is owed to you within 7 Business Days. There is no news from Sony on when new stock will be available.”

EB Games recently delayed some PlayStation 5 orders until 2022, further cementing Sony’s struggles with supplying the console this year.