Harmonix Has Been Acquired By Epic And Will Be Making Content For Fortnite

Harmonix, of Rock Band and Fuser fame, has been acquired by Epic Games.

The studio announced in a statement on its website that it would be joining the Epic Games family after 26 years of crafting musical experiences in video games. Harmonix addressed a few early questions regarding the acquisition, in particular around support for their current slate of games.

The studio confirmed that existing DLC and event plans for games such as Fuser and Rock Band will continue unhindered, and that their currently-available titles on Steam and console will remain there. Essentially, nothing has changed in the way that the studio operates and supports its titles at present.

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What this new venture does mean for Harmonix is what comes next – it confirmed in the statement that the team’s next venture is to work with Epic on ‘musical journeys’ and gameplay for its mammoth F2P battle royale, Fortnite. What that means specifically remains to be seen, but with in-game concerts from global superstars like Ariana Grande already an established feature in the game, there’s a lot of potential for Harmonix to bring their craft to the table.