Sifu Is Apparently Getting An Easy Mode Along With Other Accessibility Options

Although we didn’t necessarily condemn Sifu for its difficulty in our review, it’s clear the game at launch wasn’t for everyone. It’s a challenging, punishing brawler that leaves little room for error and felt like the epitome of “get good”.

Fortunately, in news confirmed by one of the industry’s most prolific proponents for accessibility in gaming Steve Saylor, Sifu is getting a post-launch update that’ll make the game enjoyable for even more people by adding an easy mode (as well as an even harder mode), not unlike the update confirmed for Metroid Dread at this week’s Nintendo Direct.

His tweet comes after a talk with Sloclap’s co-founder Pierre Tarno who alluded to an update surrounding the game’s difficulty coming and that the team would “announce something to that end pretty soon”.

According to Saylor, Sifu is also getting better captioning as well as a high contrast mode which wasn’t available on console at launch due to a bug, despite being available in the PC version.

There’s no word on when exactly the update will come, nor is there any official word from Sloclap at this stage, but we’ll update you once the news becomes available.