Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Teasing Godzilla For Its Next Season

Call of Duty: Warzone’s upcoming third season now has a release thanks to a new cinematic trailer that hints at something rather monstrous and imminent.

The season, called Classified Arms, is set for launch on April 27 and ties into the series’ larger canon, progressing the story of the Nebula bomb detonation at the hands of the Nazis.

The trailer, however, hints that the Nazis might have unwittingly awoken something “far more powerful and fearsome than anything we could ever hope to comprehend.”

On YouTube, commenter J_C_CH points out: “That sound at the end sounds like the Orca, a device from Legendary’s Monsterverse that lures Titans. It pulses every few seconds and acts as an “alpha beacon” for the monsters to follow. So yeah, I guess we getting Godzilla.”

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So that seems to suggest that Legendary’s Monsterverse, or at least a portion of it, might be making its way to Warzone.

This follows rumours from Xfire earlier in the year that Godzilla and King Kong might be coming to one of gaming’s biggest battle royale, which also lends a bit of credibility to the report.