Sifu’s Easier Difficulty Mode Is Set To Launch Next Week

Sifu, so good

After being announced a few months ago, Sloclap is expecting to launch a range of new difficulty modes for Sifu next week on May 3.

The update is set to deliver an easier mode called Student for those struggling with Sifu’s crushing difficulty, as well as a harder mode called Master. Those opting for the easier option will be treated to weaker enemies with less aggressive A.I. and a more forgiving aging mechanic.

The most adept Pak Mei disciplinarians who opt for Master will be treated to more aggressive A.I. patterns, as well as entirely new boss attack patterns.

The developer tweeted out a small preview of what some of these changes might look like, and the Student mode certainly does look a bit tamer which should allow for more people to roll credits on the game.

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As someone who did struggle with Sifu when I reviewed it at launch, I welcome these changes because beneath the game’s challenge are a lot of super-polished environments and aesthetics that people will be keen to see.