Skate 4 Is Just Called Skate And Will Be Free To Play When It Launches

All good news!

EA held a Skate stream called The Board Room overnight and revealed quite a bit about the upcoming Skate game.

The game is not called Skate 4, but instead just called Skate. It will release on PlayStation, Xbox and PC and will be free-to-play, supporting cross-play and cross-progression.

The game was described as a platform that will be built upon when it is released, and isn’t seen as a sequel to the first three games.

It takes place in a new city called San Vansterdam, and EA were very quick to say that despite the game having a free-to-play approach, it won’t feature pay-to-win mechanics or areas locked behind pay walls. Microtransactions will purely be cosmetic in nature.

Skate is still early in development with a closed playtest happening currently, but given the game is free-to-play, and will be released as a platform that is built upon, I’d expect we’d see a lot more people getting hands-on in the near future.