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Dragon Ball Is Coming To Fortnite Next Week

Somebody gave Krillin a gun

After months of rumours about a possible Fortnite and Dragon Ball collaboration happening, it looks like we’ve finally got confirmation as well as a date – and it’s not far off. The official Fortnite account tweeted out a teaser image earlier today featuring the golden dragon, Shenron, and the caption “Speak. Name your wish…8.16.2022”, naturally leading us to believe that whatever they have in store is set to kick off on August 16th.

While the exact nature and content of Dragon Ball in Fortnite is unclear, in-game things have already started to appear including a cheeky map teaser and a new lobby background:

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Fortnite most recently added John Cena to the character line-up, though good luck seeing him. This isn’t the first big anime crossover for Fornite either, with the likes of Naruto characters having joined the roster in the past.