Fortnite Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball Fortnite Event Trailer Has Leaked And It Looks Extremely Cool


Last week we reported on the fact that Dragon Ball was coming to Fortnite later this week. The trailer leaked this morning and honestly it exceeds my expectations in terms of how well integrated into the game it is.

It looks as though the map will change to incorporate areas from the Dragon Ball universe. As far as characters go, Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus will all be joining the game with Goku and Vegeta getting several Super Saiyan skins.

You’ll be able to Kamehameha and also ride on the Flying Nimbus, a Saiyan Pod as well as Shenron the dragon and there will be emotes including the fusion dance and power up.

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As far as the actual character designs go, they’re copping some heat, but this is quite a low-res trailers so we’ll reserve judgment. What is clear though is that this is a fully integrated Dragon Ball event and will no doubt bring a lot of former Fortnite players as well as anime fans into the game.

The event seems to be dropping later this evening, when we’ll hopefully get a proper HQ look at the trailer too.