cult of the lamb

Cult Of The Lamb Is A Cult Hit With A Million Players In Its First Week

Not baaad

Cult of the Lamb, the Melbourne-made genre mashup of rougelike dungeon-crawler and colony sim, has been making waves since well before its release but it looks like the momentum hasn’t stopped one bit.

Announced on the game’s official Twitter account, the game has officially hit one million players just a week after going on sale. It’s a huge achievement for Massive Monster and a win for our local industry to have the game recognised globally and the studio rewarded for its hard work. It’s promised to keep the party going with tweaks and fixes for some of the issues that those million players have cropped up since launch as well as free major content updates in the future.

We recently hung out with Massive Monster during a day out with VicScreen where we got to check out a handful of great, upcoming Melbourne-made games. You can give that a read here.

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If you’re one of the few who hasn’t checked out Cult of the Lamb yet and you need convincing, have a read of Brodie’s review where he scored the game 8/10, saying, “Ultimately, I think Cult of the Lamb is a great example of flipping the power fantasy concept on its head, framing that thrilling pursuit of all-conquering omnipotence through the eyes of a once-hapless lamb is a stroke of genius.”