A Horizon MMO Is Apparently Coming From The Guild Wars Developers

This could be cool!

Reports have cropped up that work is soon to kick off on a Horizon MMO, according to information provided to Korean news outlet MTN (and shared in English by Eurogamer).

It would seemingly still be early days for development of the MMO based on PlayStation and Guerrilla’s massively popular franchise, but Sony and Guild Wars developer NCsoft have reportedly “tentatively agreed to pursue a business partnership in which NC will create new games using Sony’s promising game IP” with Horizon as the first fruit of this collaboration.

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Last we heard on the Horizon front, a remake of the original Horizon Zero Dawn and another, separate multiplayer game for PS5 and PC are apparently also in development.

The next big release for the franchise will be Horizon Call of the Mountain for the PlayStation VR2, which releases alongside the headset in February next year and will be available as part of a launch bundle.