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Resident Evil Village’s PlayStation VR2 Mode Is Getting A Demo At Launch

Try before you die.

Capcom has released a blistering new trailer for the PlayStation VR2 mode for Resident Evil Village, showing off a couple of minutes of gameplay to give eager fans a tease of what to expect when the game receives its free VR mode on February 22nd.

The video reveals some very neat VR touches coming to the game, like the way players will be reaching into Ethan’s jacket to grab items, including a very welcome handheld flashlight, throwing punches at Lycans’ faces, organising their inventory in a new virtual interface or just having a play of a piano. In a lot of ways it looks like a whole new take on the game.

The trailer also announces that a free demo will be made available at launch for anyone who doesn’t already own the base game to try out its VR mode first. Check out the video below:

We tried Resident Evil Village on the PlayStation VR2 for ourselves last year at Tokyo Game Show and were very impressed, saying “The PlayStation VR2 headset does for Village what the PlayStation VR did for Resident Evil 7, only even better thanks to the impressive new hardware. For starters, it’s gorgeous. RE:V already looks great but the VR version, clearly helped along by the power of the PS5, looks every bit as stunning. There’s a presence to the environment that was missing on the older VR hardware with its obvious screen-door effect, lower resolution and cut-back details. Now, it’s a far less compromised experience that comes off as incredibly lifelike, and the new OLED HDR displays in the headset are phenomenal.”

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Resident Evil Village’s PS VR2 mode will be a free download for anyone who owns the base PS5 game, which you can pick up cheap on Amazon right now.

The PlayStation VR2 releases on February 22nd, 2023.