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Aunty Donna Playing PlayStation VR2 Is As Chaotic As You’d Expect

Feel the new real.

PlayStation Australia has gone ahead and done the thing – they’ve teamed up with local legends, Aunty Donna, to plug the almighty PlayStation VR2 headset in a hilarious new promo video.

The video shows Mark inviting his mates, Broden and Zach, around to try out the excellent Horizon Call of the Mountain before realising he’s brought them around at the same time and only has one headset. The solution? An incredibly convincing fake PlayStation VR2 for Zach, complete with “immersive” features like haptic feedback, 3D audio and a gorgeous “4K OLED” display. It’s well worth a watch for fans of the lads.

Check it out below:

If you’re keen to see more people enjoying Horizon Call of the Mountain, check out our own video of VR first-timers getting immersed in the game. Or take a look at our guide to the best games to play on the PS VR2 right now.


Thinking about picking up a PlayStation VR2? Read our in-depth review, where we said, “The PlayStation VR2 is an astonishingly impressive bit of gear, combining exciting and innovative features with supreme comfort and usability and leveraging the power of the PlayStation 5 to provide an all-around fantastic VR experience. It’s a breeze to wear and use, the controllers are a home run, and games can look downright astonishing. Titles like Horizon Call of the Mountain prove there’s a ton of potential here, and there are plenty of other great experiences in the launch library, but whether or not you drop close to a grand on a PS VR2 right now is going to depend on how much faith you have in that potential in the long term.”

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