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A New Returnal Graphic Novel And Artbook Have Been Revealed For Its 3rd Anniversary

Marque your calendars.

Update 01/05: As we could have reasonably predicted after the initial teases rolled out, a Returnal graphic novel from publisher Dark Horse Comics has been revealed to celebrate three years since the game’s release, along with a new artbook.

The graphic novel is titled Returnal: Fallen Asteria and will release on October 22nd, along with the 224-page oversized book named The Art of Returnal on the same day. The artbook will feature “concept art of the volatile biomes and terrifying enemies, as well as insightful commentary from the game’s creative team.”

There’s also an animated version of the graphic novel’s first chapter available to watch here.

Original Story: Housemarque, the studio behind 2021’s markedly excellent roguelike third-person shooter, is teasing something in anticipation of the game’s third anniversary, which happens to be today.

Last night the studio’s official social media accounts began posting cryptic images and videos featuring protagonist Selene’s eyes amongst a shattering glass motif and the word “TOMORROW,” suggesting we’ll get an announcement of one kind or another in the coming day (it should be today, but y’know, time zones).

As for what this announcement might be, it’s probably not what you’re hoping for. The studio already said more than two years ago that its next game wouldn’t be Returnal 2, so we can rule that out unless it’s changed its tune in the time since (I would be okay with this). Dark Horse Comics also reposted the tease with its own comment, suggesting what this is more likely to be is a printed adaptation of some kind to continue Selene’s story from the game, especially likely given the “graphic novel” look of the teaser image and video.

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Whatever the case, we’ll know soon enough.

Brodie said in his original review of Returnal back in 2021, “With some doubt at the front of people’s minds, Returnal is a shushing finger across the lips of detractors as well as a tremendous example that PlayStation’s middle line titles can still offer as much value and entertainment as its tentpole exclusives. Housemarque achieves an atmosphere like few can and set up a universe ripe for expansion while marrying it to a grind — which is more forgiving than most of its kind but will still alienate some —that’s both brutal and gratifying all at once.”

If you’re yet to pick up a copy, Amazon currently has the original Returnal for $69. The huge, free update, Returnal: Ascension, also includes the brutal Tower of Sisyphis survival mode along with the ability to play through the entire campaign in online co-op.