ps5 slim teardown

This Full PS5 Slim Teardown Video Shows How Much Smaller And Lighter It Actually Is

And we get to see its guts!

After we got an early look at one of the first new PS5s in the wild recently, more and more units of the “slim” version of Sony’s console are landing in peoples’ hands, and especially creators, meaning we’re getting much more robust looks at the new design.

YouTube Dave2D has published a complete teardown video showcasing not just the console’s new outer design but also its guts and how they compared to the innards of the OG PS5. It’s a pretty good look at the new form factor overall which highlights that, while it’s definitely smaller – and quite a bit lighter at up to 700g less than the current version – it’s not a massive difference that’ll see folks running to the store to finally buy a PS5 that fits into a Kallax.

The video begins with Dave2D bemoaning the new two-tone matte and gloss finish on the separate panels of the new PS5, a sentiment that’s been shared by many online already. The process of detaching the disc drive is also shown and in good news for anyone that still feels nervous about the steps involved in adding extra SSD storage to the PS5, this process is much more simple and quite easily just lifts off of the console.

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Dave2D also reiterates the lack of a vertical stand in the box, with Sony opting to sell that separately and instead offering some cheap-looking plastic pegs to hold the console up in its horizontal position.

The back half of the video gets super technical with a proper teardown of the inner components of the console, showing off how Sony has slimmed things down internally and updated its thermal situation. The console doesn’t seem to be using any smaller or more efficient a chip within its more constrained new housing, which may or may not have an effect on how warm it runs in the real world, but you can see more details in the video below:

Header Image: Dave2D