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The First PS5 Slim Photos And Comparisons In The Wild Have Appeared

It's a lot smaller!

Since PlayStation announced that it’s launching a slimmer version of its wildly-popular PS5 console, one with a detachable disc drive, it’s been plainly obvious that it’s retained the overall design of the current console. One thing that’s been harder to get a good gauge of is exactly how much smaller it’ll be in the real world, in comparison to the current model. Now, the hardware is beginning to turn up in the wild and we can finally get a proper look at both units next to each other:

PS5 vs PS5 Slim Comparison – How Much Smaller Is It?

X user @phantompainss has already managed to get a hold of one of the new, slimmer PS5 models for themselves and subsequently posted a whole lot of images for folks to get a good look at the new unit. Expectedly, it retains much of the overall design and layout of the original version of the PS5, only in a smaller form factor.

As we know it’s swapped the front USB-A port for a second USB-C port which means if you’ve got something like an INZONE H7/H9 headset with a USB-A dongle you’re going to have to reach around the back to plug it in – but PS VR2 users at least now have a second USB-C port available. There are other minor differences like the glossy sections of the covers, the re-ordering of the ports in the back or the cute little PlayStation symbols on the bottom edge when it stands vertically, but nothing drastic until you look at it side-by-side with a current PS5.

Luckily, we’ve got photos of that, too. Standing next to the existing PS5 chassis, it’s quite a significant difference. The original model is quite big and a struggle for many to fit into their home entertainment cabinets easily, so this new version should be a massive relief to those folks. It almost looks like you could chuck it in a bag and take it to your mates place or the hotel room on your next holiday… almost. This person’s old PS5 is rocking an aftermarket top and bottom case that are actually less tall than usual, so the difference is actually slightly more than what you see in the below photos.

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We also get a look at the “horizontal stand” which is quite literally some clear plastic. With the reduce size and weight it should hopefully suffice for those that don’t want to fork out the extra $50 to get the vertical stand.

Lastly, we get a look at the menu situation when first setting it up including the newly-added step of registering the disc drive online before it can actually be used (more on that here):

The new PS5 model is beginning to roll out in the US now with a wider launch, including Australia, to come over “the months following” at the below prices:

  • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – $799.95 AUD
  • PS5 Digital Edition – $679.95 AUD
  • Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for PS5 – $159.95 AUD
  • New PS5 Vertical Stand (compatible with all PS5 models) – $49.95 AUD

Header Image: @phantompainss