ps5 invites update

A New PS5 Update Is Coming That Makes It Easier To Share And Join Multiplayer Games


PlayStation has revealed that it’s working on an update to the PS5’s multiplayer ecosystem to make it even easier to share your online sessions and have others join them.

The new features will allow players to create QR links to online games that can be shared across any social media or messaging platform, and joined by others even if they’re not already friends on the PlayStation Network. It’ll mean that you can organise games from within things like group chats or on your social feeds and pop a link right there for everyone else to jump right into.

There’s also a new, unique widget coming for Discord that makes PS5 session invites dynamic with the active status displayed right there in the channel so you can see if a shared game is live, how many players are on and join right from the widget.

PlayStation says that some games may need a small update to fully enable all of this functionality, but that it’ll work with developers on the best solution.

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Another new social feature dropping in the months to come is the ability to share PlayStation Network accounts on any social or messaging app by generating a link from the PlayStation App, PS5 console or PlayStation website.

You can find out more information on this update from the PlayStation Blog here.

PlayStation has been slowly rolling out small new updates to the PS5’s UI and social features, with the most recent one adding the ability for players to contribute to Game Help features with automatically-uploaded videos. You can read about how that works and how to get involved with our own contributions right here.