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The Aussie-Made Rhythm Banger Spin Rhythm XD Is Coming To PlayStation And VR

A new spin-off!

Spin Rhythm XD, the joyous and accessible EDM rhythm-action game from Melbourne developers Super Spin Digital, is easily one of the best rhythm games out there since it launched last year on PC and eventually Nintendo Switch, and now it’s coming to even more platforms including a very special update for VR fans.

The game is not only headed to PlayStation consoles for the first time with a PS5 and PS4 release on July 9th, but on the same day it’s also getting a free VR update for players on PC and PS VR2.

The PlayStation version of Spin Rhythm XD will naturally include some neat features based on the DualSense/DualShock 4 controllers, including motion controls to move the wheel and even touchpad support to “flick and scratch like a DJ.” The PlayStation version of the game will also include more than 40 trophies to unlock and Challenge Activities on PS5 so you can see when your friends have beaten your high scores and jump right back in to show them how it’s done.

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Maybe more exciting, the first-ever VR version of Spin Rhythm XD will bring the experience to a whole new level, redesigned for VR input like the PS VR2’s Sense controllers for a smooth and almost drum-like style of play that looks like a ton of fun.

The game already has more than 60 tracks available including music from artists including Anamanaguchi, Hyper Potions, Panda Eyes, Lena Raine, 2 Mello, Tokyo Machine, and a whole heap more, but this new release will also coincide with a fresh drop of DLC, offering up an additional 10 tracks from Chillhop music, and the existing Monstercat DLC pack will also be available to PlayStation players at launch.

Check out the reveal trailer for these new platform releases for Spin Rhythm XD below and wishlist the game on the PlayStation Store here.