Astro Bot’s Various Editions, Pricing And Pre-Order Bonuses Have Been Revealed

Out of this world!

Shortly after revealing my personal pick for potential Game of the Year 2024, PlayStation has now fully detailed the different versions of Astro Bot that will be available when it launches on September 6th, along with a number of pre-order bonuses for anyone equally as keen. Pre-orders are also live right now at physical retailers with the PlayStation Store to follow.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog the game will come in two different digital versions, a Standard and a Digital Deluxe Edition, along with a standard physical version. Here’s what’s in each, including the pre-order bonuses of a special PaRappa outfit, Dual Speeder paint colour and two avatars:

Astro Bot Physical Edition – $109.95

  • Physical poster
  • PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 2 Astro Avatars

Pre-order it on Amazon here.

Astro Bot Digital Standard Edition – $109.95

  • PaRappa Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 2 Astro Avatars

Get it here.

Astro Bot Digital Deluxe Edition – $124.95

  • Astro’s Yharnam Tourist outfit
  • Astro’s Golden outfit
  • The Neon Dream Dual Speeder paint color
  • The Champion’s Gold Dual Speeder paint color
  • The official Soundtrack and Digital Art Gallery
  • The Astro Lovestruck Lyricist outfit
  • The Glorious Graffiti Dual Speeder paint color
  • 10 Astro Avatars
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Get it here.

Probably the most exciting/excruciating thing in the mix is the Yharnam Tourist outfit included in the Digital Deluxe Edition, which is yet another acknowledgement of Bloodborne from PlayStation without any sign of a re-release.

Interestingly, the Blog post also reveals that all of the in-game content included in the above versions will be unlockable through normal gameplay, so there’s nothing here outside of digital soundtracks/art and avatars that you’ll miss out on if you don’t pre-order or opt for the Deluxe version.

Considering the Digital Deluxe Edition is a full $124.95, it might be good news to many to know that you’re still going to be able to don your best Bloodborne cosplay in game.

In case you missed it, here’s the reveal trailer for the game: