It Looks Like TimeSplitters Could Be Coming To PlayStation Plus As A PS2 Classic

It's time to split!

It looks like iconic sixth-gen first person shooter, TimeSplitters, might be part of the next cohort ot PS2 games headed to PS5/PS4 as part of the PlayStation Plus Deluxe line-up.

The news comes as a rating for the game has surfaced in Taiwan (you can see it here), as shared below by Gematsu:

Given that hopes of a new TimeSplitters game feel slim to none in the wake of the closure of Free Radical at the hands of Embracer Group last year, this might just be the best that PlayStation players get.

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Still, it’d be far from a bad thing, with PlayStation recently putting an emphasis on bringing PS2 titles to its modern consoles complete with trophy lists and things like save states, which is as good a reason as any to get back into some splittin’.

This month’s round of games for PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe members only just dropped yesterday, so if there’s any weight to this recent rating of TimeSplitters it’s likely we’d see it pop up in next month’s list.