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You Can Play Minecraft’s Native PS5 Version In Preview Right Now


Update: Following the announcement that Mojang is working on a native PS5 version of Minecraft to be released later this year, the developer has already opened the doors for players to test out this new version ahead of time.

Anyone who owns the PS4 version of Minecraft and plays it on a PS5 console will be able to opt into the Preview version of the game and access the new features like 4K/60FPS visuals, with the main things to consider while it’s in Preview being no access to the in-game store, no cross-play with other platforms and the potential for unanticipated bugs or issues.

Mojang’s post reads:

If you own the PS4 version of Minecraft for your PS5, you’ll be able to access and test this early version by navigating to “Settings” and then “Preview” within the game*. This preview includes the new Tricky Trials Update, so you can venture into the trial chambers, meet a breeze, craft a mace, and more – all while trying out a version of Minecraft that’s designed for your console! As this is a preview version, we’ll need your help in hunting bugs (and we’re not talking about the silverfish spawning from trial spawners), as well as gathering any feedback.

Original: Mojang has officially announced that it’s currently testing Minecraft on PlayStation 5, where it’s gathering feedback and making improvements to a allow for a native PS5 version to launch later this year. Presumably, this new version would feature the same updates to the Xbox Series X|S version that happened late last year and enable 4K/60FPS for those with Microsoft’s latest console hardware.

The news comes as users (like doryNtr on X) have already discovered links to the PS5 version testing with “PlayStation 5 Preview” reportedly showing up as an option in the newest update.

“Mojang has begun testing Minecraft on PlayStation 5, paving the way for a native PS5 version to be released later this year.” the studio said in a statement. “This PS5 version of the game is currently in experimental mode so the team can continue to make improvements and listen to community feedback over the next few months.”

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The studio also acknowledged the “current-gen” updates on Xbox, which seems to suggest the PS5 version will be similar. It also mentions “future game enhancements,” which could mean we’d eventually see features like ray-tracing implemented on current or future console hardware.

“Minecraft is also optimized for Xbox Series X|S consoles, where the game runs at up to 4K and 60FPS as of last December,” it said. “These updates to optimization are a continuation of Minecraft’s efforts to ensure a great experience on consoles while paving the way for future game enhancements.

The news comes alongside a big new update to the game, titled Tricky Trials, which brings new structures, decorative blocks, hostile mobs, weapons, items, crafting possibilities, paintings, pottery sherds, armor trims, and banners, trials, treasures and a heap more.

Now is definitely a good time to get the Minecraft train running full steam again though, with the Minecraft movie also on the horizon. The film, which is due to premiere in cinemas on April 5th, 2025, has been steadily amassing an all-star cast that includes the likes of Jennifer Coolidge, Jason Momoa, Jack Black, Emma Myers, Danielle Brooks and Sebastian Eugene Hansen, and now it’s picked up a very recent Emmy winner and absolutely superstar for the ride.

The film’s official synopsis simply reads, “The malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, prompting a young girl and her group of unlikely adventurers to set out to save the Overworld.”