Metro Awakening Has Revealed New Screenshots And Info Along With More PS VR2 Titles

There's a lot riding on the Metro.

Although there are some that refuse to believe it, there are new PlayStation VR2 games on the horizon, and at least one of them is up there among my most anticipating future releases – Metro Awakening.

The brand-new PS VR2 entry in the quietly incredible Metro series was announced during a PlayStation State of Play back in February, and had been mostly radio silent since, but now a new PlayStation Blog post has appeared that contains a bunch of new insight into the game’s development and how the folks at at Vertigo Games are adapting the Metro experience to VR.

The piece looks at how Metro Awakening’s story came together, in collaboration with the original author of the books the games are based on, Dmitry Glukhovsky, how its playstyle will feel familiar to the mainline games despite the shift to VR, how 4A Games also contributed to development and what VR-specific features to expect. You can read the full thing here, and check out some brand-new screenshots below:

The PlayStation Blog also revealed a brand-new game coming to the PS VR2, titled Frenzies. It’s set to be a chaotic, neon-drenched multiplayer PvP shooter and it’s coming from the team behind Fracked and Synapse so you know the gunplay is going to be incredibly solid (you can read my review of Synapse here – it’s very good). There’s more info in the PS Blog post, and a debut trailer below:

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And lastly, a brand-new trailer dropped for the already-announced PS VR2 time-travelling adventure remake, Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate. The game’s had a bit of a delay to a new release date of October 31st, but continues to look like a visually interesting and immersive VR experience with some cutting-edge features and plenty new for returning fans of the original Wanderer VR game.

Take a look at the new trailer below: