Hisense Mini LED

Hisense Mini LED TVs Are Coming This Year Too

Not to be outdone by Samsung and LG, Hisense has also announced that it will be releasing 4K and 8K Mini LED TVs this year as well.

Just to refresh your memory, Mini LEDs are smaller than the LEDs used in traditional TVs meaning that the TV can provide better and more specific control over the individual LEDs resulting in a brighter and more effectively dimmed picture.

The first in Hisense’s Mini LED line is an 8K 75″ model which will be followed by a 4K model in both 65″ and 75″. All of the TVs in the Mini LED range will have Dolby Vision HDR as well as Dolby Atmos support.

From a gaming point of view, all of these TVs will have Game Mode Pro which will include VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode over HDMI 2.1

We don’t have release dates yet, but all of these TVs should release in 2021 and will most likely be priced below LG and Samsung’s Mini LED ranges.