Razer’s New Product Line-up Includes Desktop Components And The Zephyr RGB Mask

RazerCon is back for 2021, bringing the gaming community a celebration of everything Razer. Among the day-long event featuring performances, giveaways and keynotes we got a look at some of the manufacturer’s future products and projects, including its first foray into PC components!

Take a look at our rundown of some of the hottest products announced at the event, below:

Razer Zephyr

Yep, that Razer mask is still real and coming very soon. The Razer Zephyr features N95 grade filters with two-way protection, filtering both inhaled and exhaled air thanks to two air exchange chambers and dual intake fans. This not only makes the Zephyr mask very high-tech, but more protective than standard disposable masks.

Through community testing, the Zephyr has been created with not just safety in mind but comfort for all head sizes with the design of the face seals and dual straps. The transparent face panel has an anti-fog coating and internal lighting so that others can see your face, and the mask body has Razer Chroma RGB (of course!).

Because the Zephyr works with replaceable filters, it creates less waste than disposable masks, with filters lasting three full days of use (or more if not worn all day). Users will need to buy refills to continue using the mask, but a variety of configurations are available at launch:

  • Razer Zephyr with 3 filter sets – AUD $169.95
  • Razer Zephyr Starter Pack with 33 filter sets – AUD $249.95
  • Razer Zephyr Refill with 10 filter sets – AUD $49.95

Razer Kraken V3

Razer its updated its Kraken line of gaming headsets with improved aesthetics and comfort, carrying across the audio technology of the Blackshark range as well as bringing its HyperSense tech from the Nari line to the Kraken V3 HyperSense and Kraken V3 Pro.

The new flagship, the Kraken V3 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset, brings together all of Razer’s excellent headset technologies including Razer’s HyperSense intelligent haptics. The neat feature of HyperSense is that it’s capable of producing multi-channel haptic feedback from any source, processed directly through the headset. That means it’ll work for PC gaming, but also movie watching and music as well as console gaming via a 3.5mm cable. The Kraken V3 Pro also features powerful 50mm drivers, THX spatial audio and Razer Hyperspeed wireless technology.

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The Kraken V3 Hypersense features the same 50mm drivers, THX Spatial Audio and HyperSense technology with a wired USB connection, while the Kraken V3 again comes with the same drivers and audio technology, albeit without HyperSense, via a wired USB Connection.

Razer Enki

After the success of the Iskur, Razer is coming in hot with another gaming chair range in the Razer Enki and Razer Enki X.

Built with dual-textured, eco sustainable synthetic leather and including a built-in lumbar arch, the Enki is a slick-looking chair that features weight-adjusted tilting, 4D armrests and a premium memory foam head cushion.

The Enki X is made from the same fabric and still rocks the lumbar arch, albeit on a steel frame instead of aluminium and missing both the memory foam head cushion and 4D armrest capabilities.

Razer Desktop Components

In a surprise move, Razer has also announced a line of desktop components including power supplies and fans:

The Razer Kunai are high-performance PC case fans. These cutting-edge fans are designed for maximum airflow performance and are optimized to efficiently cool the PC while offering quieter acoustics. Available in 120-millimeter and 140-millimeter sizes, the fans feature LEDs with a large array of aRGB lighting capabilities to fit the form and style of any gaming PC.

The Razer Hanbo are All-In-One liquid coolers available in an addressable RGB pump cap. With an optimized pump intake design for silent operation and improved reliability, the liquid cooler delivers reliable gaming performance while including customizable and addressable RGB lighting.

The Razer Katana is a Platinum rated ATX power supply. These fully modular power supplies are vailable in a variety of wattages from 750 to 1,200 watts in a Platinum rating, and an exclusive 1,600-watt Titanium rated power supply.