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New PS5 Pro Details Have Emerged Including Boosted GPU Speeds

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It’s been a few weeks since we’d heard much of anything about the rumoured PS5 Pro that’s widely believed to be launching later this year, and after those most recent reports basically blew the lid open on what this new mid-generation refresh might be capable of, the video game graphics experts at Digital Foundry have just released a new report that sheds some extra light on its curious apparent GPU configuration.

Addressing the earlier revelation that the PS5 Pro’s GPU might actually have a lower clock speed than the existing PS5 (2.18GHz vs 2.23GHz), Digital Foundry has claimed to have seen new information that suggests it’ll actually ship with the ability to boost clock speeds above what was possible before, up to 2.35GHz. These numbers might seem incremental, but paired with the new configuration and supposed bumps up in other areas the new Pro console should deliver between 33.5 and 36.1 teraflops of performance versus the 10.23 teraflops of the original PS5.

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This new information like won’t change a lot about the real-world performance difference in the Pro, with a 45% overall increase seemingly still the belief. It does introduce some new, more particular details like double GPU caches accomodating higher ray-tracing performance and support for more modern DirectX12 Ultimate features like hardware variable rate shading and hybrid MSAA, all of which should mean meaningful visual and performance improvements in games built with the new console in mind.

You can watch Digital Foundry’s full breakdown of these new details in the video below:

Again, it really does need to be reiterated that we still don’t know for sure if any of this will turn out to be factual until Sony says it from its own mouth, but when trusted outlets like Digital Foundry are picking up and heavily reporting on this stuff it’s really seeming like a sure thing at this stage.