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The PS5 Pro Will Allegedly Offer An “Ultra-Boost” Mode To Improve Performance In Standard Games

"You gotta pump those numbers up!"

Hot off of its earlier report that went into the most detail we’ve seen yet on what is widely believed to be a pretty accurate set of leaks regarding a “PS5 Pro” console, The Verge has come back again with another set of claims.

This time, it’s expanded on some of what we heard earlier in the week around the idea of a PS5 Pro Enhanced label for games and how developers are apparently actively gearing up to start getting Pro-ready games out this year. In addition to what it’s said about games getting a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label, The Verge now also reports that Sony is hoping to implement an “ultra-boost” mode that will offer performance gains even for games that haven’t been specifically developed or updated to take advantage of the more capable hardware.

This supposed ultra-boost setting sounds like it’ll work in a similar way to what we had on the PS4 Pro, optionally layering on some of the newer console’s extra grunt to smooth out variable framerates and resolutions in games that can take advantage. For example, a game with a 60FPS cap that doesn’t consistently hit it might now reach that consistently, or a game with a dynamic resolution up to 4K might spend more time actually running at 4K.

What it won’t do is change anything about games that are locked at a certain framerate and already hit it consistently or create an increase in fidelity in games that run at a fixed resolution, unless a developer decides to update their game with enhancements for the Pro.

The outlet also says that Sony is asking developers working on new titles or updating old ones to create a specific graphical mode within their games for the PS5 Pro. This mode should apparently combine upscaling to 4K resolution with Sony’s new PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) and ray-tracing features into one package, presumably this will be an added option in addition to the usual “Performance” and “Quality” type settings that can only be seen and/or enabled on a PS5 Pro console.

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Again, it really does need to be reiterated that we still don’t know for sure if any of this will turn out to be factual until Sony says it from its own mouth, but when trusted outlets like The Verge are picking up and heavily reporting on this stuff it’s really seeming like a sure thing at this stage.