Microsoft Just Revealed Their Slimmer Xbox One

UPDATE: The Xbox One S is currently priced at an RRP of $549 here in Australia.

Microsoft wasted no time in presenting the smallest Xbox One yet, called simply the Xbox One S. The console boasts a slimmer frame which is 40% smaller.

Other features that look to streamline the console’s physical footprint is an integrated power supply, meaning no more awkward power bricks.

Other features that the console was announced to have were the ability to play and output 4K Ultra HD video and Blu-ray discs, as well as the support for high dynamic range gaming. High dynamic range (or HDR) gaming is a wider colour output that is said to be a profile closer to human vision than other output ranges.MSInterestingly, Microsoft also specified that the console would support up to a 2TB hard drive. The publisher will offer the console across multiple hard drive assortments, though final sizes have yet to be formally announced.

The Xbox One S will also come with the new Xbox One controller, which boasts a textured grip and improved wireless technology for an increased range. Those wanting to stand the console upright can also buy a vertical stand separately.

The console appears to be available in a white finish. It is unknown if Microsoft will produce a black rendition as of yet. Those who have a Kinect unit will have to purchase a special USB adapter separately as the Xbox One S will not have a dedicated port for the long forgotten peripheral.

Xbox fans can get their hands on the Xbox One S this coming August. Local pricing has now been confirmed as $549 AUD.

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