Those Project Scorpio Teasers Might Reveal Some Key Information

Yesterday, we posted about three Project Scorpio teasers that initially didn’t look like they revealed a whole lot. However, some people online have done some digging and have potentially found the release date, launch price and a cheeky little dig at PlayStation.

Firstly, on the scene where the Ferris wheel is visible, you can see “6>4” written on the text on the left. This is a clear shot at PlayStation 4 Pro’s lack of teraflops. Xbox have mentioned the fact that Project Scorpio has 6 teraflops almost every time that they’ve spoken about it. It doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but more teraflops can only be good, right?xbox_scorpio_hidden_sony_sick_burn_1-2More important, there’s a very subtle line of numbers and letters on the next scene with a massive crowd. You can read “X10S101-317”. People are interpreting this as the release date which when read 10-13-17 AKA October 13th. It’s been rumoured that the Scorpio could end up with the name “S’ so the X10S makes a whole lot of sense too.xbox_scorpio_hidden_release_date_1The most bizarre theory is the fact that googling those letters apparently came up with a poster that led to an ad for a robot with the price tag of under $400 (USD). Many people believe that this is in-fact the price that the Project Scorpio needs to come in at.


Whilst these are all quite crazy, it’s clear that Microsoft wouldn’t just put these things into teaser trailers without having an intention.