State Of Decay 2 Has Been Rated R18+ In Australia

State of Decay 2 was one of my standout games at E3 last year. Whilst I didn’t get to play it, I got to see a behind closed doors extended demo, watching about 60-90 minutes of gameplay. It was completely different to every game that I’ve ever played due to the fact that it seemed to mix open-world zombie gameplay, with real life survival. If your character dies, that’s it, you move on to the next and those emotional attachments as well as skills that they had are gone for good.

I was definitely worried about the game facing classification problems due to very similar uses of drugs that we saw in the first game (which was initially banned for release in Australia).

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Well, good news. The game has today officially been rated R18+ in Australia meaning that it won’t be banned for sale.

Interestingly enough, drugs aren’t listed on the consumer advice rating at all. High Impact Violence as well as online interactivity are the only warnings.

We’re still waiting on a release date for State Of Decay 2, but I’m hugely excited for it, especially with the news that it’ll be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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