Bethesda Has Handled Rage 2’s Listing Leak Like Legends

Bethesda has always handled themselves well when it comes to marketing and their handling of issues, but they may have dialled it up to eleven when addressing the left-field listing of Rage 2 by Walmart Canada.

A lot of companies steer clear after leaks like this, offering up no comment, but the official Rage Twitter page had a little bit of advice for the poor guy handling Walmart Canada’s backend who clearly put zero effort in when putting up this morning’s listings.

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It’s worth noting that the tongue-in-cheek post doesn’t confirm Rage 2’s existence, nor does it deny it. But the Rage Twitter enjoyed its own work so much it is using the image as its header for the time being.

Either way, this absolute savagery has to be applauded.

Several other key Bethesda accounts have now weighed in on Twitter.